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DunGen allows you to procedurally generate a dungeon-like layout by piecing together rooms that you design in Unity.

Unlike other procedural generation methods, you're not left with a barren set of corridors and only a vague blueprint of a dungeon - you get a fully-furnished, procedurally generated dungeon to your specification.


- Design each room as you would any other scene, assign doorways and watch DunGen piece them together

- Full control over dungeon settings: length, branching factor and weights for each room type

- Supports multi-floor setups with no additional work just place doorways where they should be and DunGen handles the rest

- Procedural doesn't mean everything has to be completely random. Control the flow of your dungeon with an easy-to-use graph interface

- Local Prop Sets: Specify which objects (and how many) appear on a per-room basis

- Random Prefab: A list of prefabs of which one is chosen at random to be spawned at the current position

- Global Prop Limits: Limit the number of props allowed on a per-dungeon basis

- Everything has a complex weight so you can control how likely it is for certain objects to appear and where they are most likely to appear

- Supports doorways of different shapes/sizes - DunGen only connects matching doorway types

- Lock & Key system allows you to place locked doorways and matching keys throughout the dungeon layout (requires some programming to integrate with your own game)

- Supports SECTR VIS portal culling

- Full source code included

- Works at runtime as well as in the editor

Is DunGen for me?

Q: I don't want my dungeon to look "samey", won't a room-based approach look repetative?

A: Nope! Thanks to prop randomization (props being what we're calling objects inside the room), each instance of a room can look very different from each other if you choose to do so

Q: I need to ensure that each dungeon generated has no more than one of a particular object. Is this possible?

A: Not only is it possible, it's very quick and easy to do - just apply a Global Prop component, give it an ID and specify the number you want in the dungeon flow settings

Q: I want some objects to have a varying chance to spawn in certain areas, can I do this?

A: Absolutely. Each of DunGen's prop randomization methods allow you to specify a seperate weight for if the object lies on the main path or in a branch room. You can also adjust the weights by how deep into the dungeon the object is using a curve. It's a simple task to specify that an object should only spawn on the main path and only in the second half of the dungeon, with increasing chance the closer to the end it is.

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