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Requires Unity 3.5.7 or higher.

Main Features :

* NEW Kuroato Media and Dan's Game Tools have Partnered to offer a Mobile Control Plugin for UnityAGK: Action Game Kit via Control Freak.

* NEW! Port your PC game to Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 in minutes with our new CFInput wrapper class! Just drag-and drop one of controller prefabs into a scene, then go to your code and use "Replace All" function to turn every "Input." into "CFInput." and done - your game is now cross-platform!

* NEW! Source Code Template Generator - create fully functional C#/JS code with one click.

* NEW! Unity 3.5.7 Support let's you target wider range of devices.

* NEW! Controller Presets - pre-made controllers ready for use, including presets for Bootcamp, 3rd Person Perspective Platformer, Unity 4.3 2D Demo, Complete Physics Platformer (experimantal) and more...

* Intiutive, Procedural API - say good-bye to event-based systems and handle complex input easily!

* Ergonomic Layout - each control's placement and size is specified in centimeters or inches to make sure that your virtual controller feels comfortable on every screen size and orientation.

* Thanks to intelligent hit-detection, there will be no problem with pressing the right button - no matter how small the screen is! Manual layout at run-time is also supported.

* WYSIWYG Editing - preview inside Editor, without pressing Play button.

* Screen Emulation inside Unity Editor - quickly test you layout on a variety of screens. Presets for the most popular devices are easily accessible.

* Complete Control for a real control freak. If you don't trust the automatic mode, you can manually update and render your controller.

* Configurable multi-purpose touch zones - create anything from simple buttons to multi-touch gesture detectors. Supported gestures include: Tap, Double Tap, Drag, Pinch, Twist.

* Rock-solid Stick Conrtols. Static and dynamic modes. Analog, 8-way and 4-way digital.

* Custom GUI Support - render all or individual controls your own way.

* Unity Remote Support.

* Collection of Examples in C# and UnityScript: Dual Stick Shooter, FPP Shooter, JRPG, Map and more.

* Comprehensive documentation with step-by-step guides in searchable HTML format.

...and more!

Remember to backup your project before import. Just in case.

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Есть ии?
эм... а почему перс в воздухе зависает если его поднять ?
Ребят,подскажите как ставить,на андроид платформу эти клавиши cry
Отличный контролер. СПС))
аяяяй, вот к чему приводит привычка смотреть, а не переводить и читать))) аяяяй)))
Парни, помогите. Настроил этот контроллер под UnitZ ( это ассет такой из AsssetStore ) в Unity Remote все работает хорошо, все кнопки работают и все вращается, но когда я уже создаю билд ( .apk ) тогда уже беды начинаются, не работает большинство кнопок, работает только кнопка прыжка и бега. Прошу помощи, могу даже заплатить...
Ты это к чему? Это не исходник, это просто контроллер под мобильные платформы
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