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Colorify версия 1.3а

Поддерживаемые версии Unity: 4.5 и выше
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Colorify contains several shaders that let you easily recolor your assets without any additional textures.

Use it to:
-Enable partial recoloring of existing assets - majority of Asset Store models don't have partial recoloring option. With Colorify, you can easily change color of the parts you need without touching anything else. (All example models are free downloads from asset store and contain only one diffuse texture and material without any built-in way for partial recoloring).

-Dynamically change color schemes of your objects (team colors, armor & weapon customization, and more).

-Real-time preview of possible color schemes right inside your game-play, before preparing designated assets.

-Play with your colors and ranges procedurally to achieve some interesting effects (real-time spoiling fruits with spoiled areas growing gradually, "infection" effects on skin, smooth continuous color-swapping in real-time etc.)

-Both real-time calculations and pre-generated masks support.

-Automatic in-editor mask baking.

Package includes:
-64 shaders total: bumped, specular, transparent, cutout, unlit, dissolve versions. Every shader comes in 1 and 2 color, normal and mobile,real-time and pre-generated versions. For full list of shaders see file listing.
-Mobile versions of shaders supporting shader model 2.0. Pre-generated shader versions work on mobile devices without limitations.
-Toon outline shaders, normal and mobile versions.
-Maskless Dissolve shaders, using color ranges as dissolve masks (for now only shader model 3.0 versions).
-Examples for both normal and mobile versions.
-Debug shader for precise tweaking.

Colorify use rgb distance and hue filtering to recolor parts you designate without touching everything else.

Full functionality on both Pro and Free versions.

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Colorify, версия, 1.3а
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