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RPG All-in-One

Поддерживаемые версии Unity: 5.4 и выше
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RPG All-In-One (RPGAIO) is a huge creation tool for RPG games in continual development. It boasts a fully code-less interface from start to finish to create your RPG game. From main menu to end credits, an entire game can be created without writing a single line of code in as soon as an hour!

RPGAIO Website
Link To Forums
Facebook Page

Unique Features of RPG AIO:
- Create an entire game, start to finish writing a total of zero lines of code
- Contains over 20 features and systems featured in well known RPG games like Skyrim, Diablo and Final Fantasy (see below)
- Customise all features of your created RPG through included EditorWindows and UI
- Customise calculations, create cutscenes and events and write dialog using the Node System
- All code and required assets : Under 20mb! (Excl. included demo)
- Video tutorials (see link below) and plenty of support available (Email below)
- Download more demos from the website (coming soon)

RPG Features included:
- Robust Save Load System
- Customisable Stats (Attributes, Vitals, Statistics and Traits)
- Highly Advanced Skill System (AOE , Projectile, Melee, Aura, Ability, Talents, Status Effects and Traits)
- Advanced Quest System (Multiple quest condition types as well as quest chains)
- Inventory System with a multitude of Item Types (e.g. readable books and audiobooks)
- NPC System (Including dialog, allied npc and reputations)
- Cutscenes
- Detailed Loot System (Per-monster loot as well as loot tables)
- Achievements system
- Harvesting System
- Crafting System (Including dismantling)
- Vendor System
- ToolTip system for items.

In short, there are two reasons why RPGAIO is great. 1: You write ZERO code. 2: You get one great RPG with a suite of features! Purchase now for only $100! IMPORTANT: Please follow the InstallationGuide.pdf included in the assets folder to complete the installation of RPGAIO once imported.

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All-in-One, RPG
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1 Sledo_rus
03:48, 16.12.2016

Отсутствует библиотека using Newtonsoft.Json;
В общем, кто получает ошибку с пространством имен - "The type or namespace name `Newtonsoft' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?"
То значит вы не установили эти библиотеки в свой проект. Открывайте инструкцию по установке и делайте все как там написано.
На Unity 5.4.1 плагин рабочий!

Хотя погорячился я. Ни одна демка нормально не работает.
2 Doberman0408
23:50, 18.01.2017

там есть инструкция как демку запустить (DemoGuide)
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