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Asset Hunter

Поддерживаемые версии Unity: 4.5 и выше
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Asset Hunter
-Keeping your project clean since 2012

Is this a tool for me?
Are you trying to go below a certain buildsize?
Are all the old placeholder graphics and models cluttering up your project?
Didn't you ever get around to delete the auto generated materials after model import?
Do you have large amount of soundfiles in your project, but is only using a small number of them?
Does it seem like too large a task to remove obsolete assets?

If any of the above applies to you, Asset Hunter is the tool for you
Asset Hunter is a tool that analyzes your buildlog and gives you an easily understandable overview over unused assets in your project folder.
The results are grouped into folders and file types, making it easy to start cleaning up your project.
Additionally it lists the uncompressed size of all the assets used in the build, enabling you to better downsize your buildsize. If you want to know which scenes are using a specific asset, Asset Hunter can tell you that too!
Even offers a one-button clean up of the entire project.

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