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Zorroinc попросил меня опубликовать этот ассет тут, так как ему сложно разобраться с интерфейсом добавления материала.


1. This pack contains 698 quality animations from 8 animation collections, which covers what your basically need to create functional PC and NPC character for any Medieval or fantasy game type.

2. You can use it as is or make blends between different animations in order to create more variants.

3. You can use characters for prototype or make additional armor and weapons for them and use in you game production.

4. Animation clips can be used with any rig type but to redirect it to custom characters must "humanoid" avatar used. Animation clips of Horse can be used with any rig types except "humanoid". It can't be re-targeted. Because horse isn't humanoid creature.

5. There is a difference between man and woman poses, which makes the difference between femininity and masculinity.

6. Only animation with RM_ or W_RM_ prefix contains root motion data. All others must be used with this option turned off.

7. Main Hero_Horseman object need to be parented to horse HORSEMAN_BONE can be found under horse hierarchy after Spine1 bone.

8. You can find list of animations in description notes at YouTube preview page.

Pack including

1. 2 realistic ideal characters (Adam and Eva) with various weapons and low polygonal horse model.

Eva: 8,532 polygons, 16,932 triangles, 8,689 vertexes. Rig: 75 bones. (2 additional bones for breast)
Adam: 8,591 polygons, 17,072 triangles, 8,767 vertexes. Rig: 73 bones
Weapons for each character: 4,391 polygons, 8,400 triangles, 4,744 vertexes
Horse: 1,069 polygons, 2,096 triangles, 1,157 vertexes.

2. 677 human animation clips. 520 "on place" animation clips, plus 157 duplicates of run, walk, jump, crawling... animation clips included "root motion" data, used by Mecanim.

3. 21 Horse animation clips. 15 "on place" animation clips, plus 6 duplicates of walk, jump, gallop... animation clips included "root motion" data, used by Mecanim.

4. Diffuse, normals and specular 2048x248,1024x1024, 512x512 TIF textures.

5. Time lists included.
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Кому интересно как перенести анимацию из одного скелета на другой в здс максе
где купить этот пакет??
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