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Дата добавления:13.10.2015 в 00:00
Категория: Исходники
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Исходник проверил (Всё работает) 4.6 на Unity 5 c ошибками

Обновление MFPS! Полная сборка сервера на Photon Network!

Изменения или добавление:
-Impromoved: Grenade, If player local is in range of explosion radius send shake movement.
-Fix: Volume does not apply in the lobby.
-Added: AU (Australia) Region server.
-Impromoved: Gun Manager,Now you can switch between weapons with the mouse scroll.
-Fix: Grenade through the walls.
-Added: Movement Boost when super jump, check out bl_PlayerMovement for adjust.
-Fix: Air control when only press jump and any Axis.
-Added: Auto reload options for all guns, if = true, when bullet left is = 0, the gun auto reload immediate.
-Added: KillFeed, Now when the killer or killed is mine the color of name if different, regardless of team.
-Added: ColorKey, contains the global variables of colors, now you just need to change the color in these variables and all colors automatically be updated.
-Fix: Upper Body Up / Down rotation.
-Added: Best Heat Look Controller more precisely of the angle and more Smooth movement.
-Impromoved: Player Animations.
-Fix: Fire weapon when press Ctrl.
-Added: Torque for grenade.
-Impromoved: SpawnPoint Random Sphere Space.
-Added: Debug Spawn Space for each spawnpoint, select a spawn point and see the space available for spawn player.
-Added: Context Menu for PlayerSync "Get IDs For NGuns", this automatically configures Ids and type of weapon of all network guns in the list.
-Added: New SLOT for swicht weapon Alpha 4.
-Added: Knife weapon.
-Added: Basic AI with patrol,range,follow and attack synchronized and logic contained only by the masterclient.
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