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Requires: NGUI: Next-Gen UI Kit and 2D Toolkit

All-inclusive: works on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Web, and Windows / Mac platforms. For advanced Unity developers. Some scripting required.

Have you ever wanted to make free-to-play iOS mobile games? Create a 2D strategy game. Monetize with in-game currencies like gems and gold. Players collect resources, build villages, and train troops for competitions* (coming soon)

530 Hours Worth of Game Development
Over 4000 lines of extensive scripts (about 70 pages) with next to zero repetitive code. Jumpstart your mobile city/village builder project with this starter kit. Additional scripting is required for advanced components like combat, animations, and NPC AI.

Monetize Your Game With This Popular Trick
Includes an addicting construction time delay feature just like FarmVille does. Increase the player's urgency to buy in-game currency and skip the wait. Plus, sell more gems to players throughout your game's lifecycle if you introduce updates with rare time-limited buildings, or expensive characters like Clash of Clans does. Tweak items and values with XML. Turn your free time into profits.

Note: Social Game Features Coming Soon
Future updates include online and PvP social gaming features. Right now, social gaming is not supported unless you build on top of this starter kit. Players can only interact with their city right now and like many of the other functions in this kit, programming experience is required to extend it. This kit is intended for developers who understand Unity C# scripting.

Have a prototype up and running within hours instead of weeks. Runs right out of the box on your iPhone or Android! Replace buildings, characters, terrain, and menu graphics. No animations required.

- Beautiful Game Art: Isometric island tilemap
- Highly Optimized for mobile: Tested on iPhone 5, iPad, iPod, and Samsung Galaxy S.
- Mobile UI: Large menu buttons perfect for iOS
- Monetize: Sell resources, gems, and builders.
- XML: Change wait times and gem prices in XML
- Well-organized, tightly-packed scripts
- Customize buildings, characters, and tilemaps.
- Characters: Train troops for competitions*
- NGUI and Toolkit2D Support
- Works on Unity and Unity Pro

*Characters will be used in the Competitions (Coming Soon)

Planned Developments:
Your purchase supports our upgrade roadmap:
- More iOS social game engine features such as online sever syncing (for example, visiting other player cities for battles like Clash of Clans)
- First-Time Tutorial: Improve your Unity game with a tutorial out of the box.
- Treasures and Decoration: Additional assets
- Competitions, achievements & social features
- Building Upgrades and Advanced Unit Research
- Character Animations: Improved gameplay
- Unity tutorials to help you build a game with this starter kit.

Android Support:
The mobile strategy game kit works out of the box on Android and has been tested with a Samsung Galaxy S. Depending on the device you test with, you may need to use 2D Toolkit to snap the GUI menu tiles back on place.

2D Toolkit and NGUI are required:
Unity scripting for everything you see in city builder mobile games like Dragonvale takes a lot of coding. 2D Toolkit and NGUI are required for everything to function property. We test after every update of 2D Toolkit and NGUI for changes in performance, and update the starter kit.

Advanced Developers Only
The kit is designed to run out of the box for development, not submission to the app store. The basic idea is this - you can go anywhere with the game, because the frameworks already cover everything. We didn't build some components, even to be used as examples, like character or building animations because existing components needed to be perfected. The kit can go to all platforms, with minor adjustments (if any) because Unity really is multi-platform.

Build a game on all platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Web, Standalone Windows and Mac
There are no iOS only or Play dependencies. Each of the custom scripts included can work with any asset you use for those platforms, such as mobile IAP assets. The kit runs right out of the box on all platforms, iOS and Google Android mobile phones. Although optimized for mobile devices, the program also works as a standalone Windows or Mac or web deployed version.

iOS In App Billing / Google Play IAP System
The script controlling In-App Purchase is setup so you can connect your own coding or a plugin such as the Prime31 StoreKit. The scripting is not not designed to be integrated with Apple's In-App Purchase system out-of-the-box, but rather designed to offer dispensing currency, gems, or construction units for a certain price as can be seen in the video demo. Connecting this to your own In-App Purchase code will complete the system.

Buildings can be changed. Animations are not needed.

Characters can be swapped with your own characters. But battles are not yet supported so character animations are not yet included. (coming soon)

Terrain and Menu Graphics:
You can change the terrain and menu graphics to fit your own game.

Create One Commercial Game
Create one commercial game for yourself or for a client. Additional commercial games each require an additional asset purchase.
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Почему не работает?
Assets/Scripts/Buildings/GrassCollider.cs(7,9): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'tk2dTiledSprite' could not be found. Are you missing an assambly reference? 
Что делать???!!!
Куча ошибок (32)
Одна из них 
Assets/Scripts/Units/MenuUnit.cs(39,16): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `UILabel' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

Ты бы почитал букварь  прежде ,чем лезть в разработку игр. 
Requires: NGUI: Next-Gen UI Kit and 2D Toolkit

Что это значит??
Такая фигня.... все запустилось все работает но переберать чейто код... это просто геморой
пожалуйсто выложите City Building Perfect Kit
Пора уже выкладывать City Builder Complete Kit smile
найдем выложим)))
А какая это версия? 
Starter Version; Complete Version; Pro Version?
Так эта версия тоже ни чё так.
чего тебе выложить? о.0 и что это за требования?
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