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Gaia v.1.8

Поддерживаемые версии Unity: 5.6 и выше
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Welcome to GAIA the artist friendly all in one terrain and scene generation system that allows you to create the stunning Mobile, VR and Desktop Environments in just minutes!!

Have fun creating and exploring beautiful worlds as you leverage the latest procedural content generation techniques in a package that makes it simple for even the newest game creator to easily and quickly create gorgeous looking terrains and scenes.

GAIA gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between to deliver the easiestfastestand prettiest terra-forming, texturing, planting and scene creation experience on the asset store.

GAIA comes with quality sample assets that will have you up and running in minutes, and is fully customizable so you can easily create your own look and feel as games such as Crowfall have done.
With GAIA you will:
- Choose your target environment (mobile, vr, desktop);
- Choose your game camera and game control styles;
- Create your terrain either manually by stamping features exactly where you want them, or procedurally with a few clicks, or both;
- Enhance your terrain by terracing, eroding, mixing, blending and other effects;
- Texture, plant, and populate your terrain with grasses, rocks trees and farms;
- Add your player, water, screen shotter, skies and post fx with a click;
- And finally, just press play!

Key Features:
- Preliminary LW & HD SRP terrain support;
- Mixed manual and procedural scene generation;
- Resources system - use our sample assets or your own;
- Stamping system - mix and blend stamps to shape your terrain;
- Spawning system - procedurally texture, plant and populate;
- Sessioning system - backup and share sessions to reliably re-create scenes;
- Extension system - create, share and leverage other assets;
- Enhancement system - enhance terrains with many utilities (terracing, eroding etc);
- Exporting system - export meshes, splatmaps, normal maps, shoreline, slope, curvature, aspects and more;
- Points of interest - spawn farms, villages, cemeteries or whatever you can imagine into your scenes;
- Take and share screen shots with the screen-shotting system, including a nifty way to easily find the exact spot the screen shot was taken;
- Set up your lighting, post fx and water and and insta-pretty your scenes with a click;
- And much more - GAIA does the work of many assets in one.

GAIA Is Compatible:
- Unity terrain in - Unity terrain out!
- No special shaders or other tricks that could cause compatibility problems;
- You can delete GAIA after you have created your scene.

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gaia, v.1.8
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