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Meadow Environment – Dynamic Nature v1.0.1

Поддерживаемые версии Unity: 2017.3.0 и выше
Тип лицензии: Запрещено.

Дата добавления: 26.01.2019 - 15:23
Добавил: SaNEк
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Pack support unity:
- Unity 2017.3+
- Unity 2018
- Unity 2018 HD SRP 
- Unity 2018 LW SRP
- New Unity Terrain 2018.3+ Support 

We mark at screens HD SRP and NON HD SRP screens. 

This pack is:
- Huge library of 100% scanned assets, carefully optimized, atlased, LOD’ed; 
- Group of shaders which will bring better quality and simplify your workflow, if you want to use them;
- Meadow Environment with small groves ;
- All shaders are shared between our all assets;
- HD SRP Demo from video is included;
- Demo for unity standard rendering, pretty as well;
- NON HD SRP Demo scene from 2nd video need: Vegetation Studio Pro, R.A.M – River Auto Material to run;
- It works best with Vegetation Studio and Vegetation Studio Pro;
- Vegetation Studio NON Pro will come in next weeks;

In our pack you will find 5 aspects (artistic content, shaders, tools, support files):

1) Artistic content:
- 21 cliff models with LOD’s and 91 prefabs: standard, top covered or by mask by leaves, grass; 
- 20 rock models with LOD’s and 68 prefabs: standard, top covered or by mask by leaves, grass; 
- 6 low poly background mountains ; 
- 8 bushes: willow and maple with LOD’s and cross as last LOD; 
- 9 detail meshes: clover, daisy, dead grass,grass plants, leaves with LOD’s; 
- 21 models of construction kit fences with LOD’s;
- 24 models of system fences: post and span;
- 12 models of combined fence models with LOD’s;
- 53 fence prefabs from all mentioned configurations;
- 10 flower types with 45 LOD’ed meshes in variants: planes, cross, detailed ;
- 15 grass types, LOD’ed in variants: planes, cross, detailed ;
- 70 flowers and grass prefabs with LOD’s;
- 70 flowers and grass prefabs for unity terrain without LOD’s;
- 5 ground texture sets: 27 textures with: albedo/smoothness, ao, heightmap, normalmap, MT/AO/H/SM;
- particles and insects: bees, butterfly, leaves, dust;
- 2 dirty road materials with parallax shader with R.A.M road profiles;
- 14 terrain heightmap stamps for your terrain and unity terrain stamping 2018.3+;
- 14 GAIA terrain stamps;
- 3 Tree stumps with LOD’s and blended with terrain blend variants;
- 2 mushrooms with LOD’s;
- 3 variants of tree prefabs: HD, Vegetation Studio, Optimised and baked;
- 11 trees with LOD’s and cross as last LOD;
- Trees are in types: plants, small tree, standalone tree, forest tree, dead tree;
- Tree triangles specification below; 
- All textures contain:Albedo, Normalmap, Metallic, Height, AO, Smoothness;
- In ground textures you will find: meadow grass, dirty ground, dirty grass, leaves, needless;
- HD SRP demo; 
- Unity standard rendering demo; 
- Demo with spawn functions for Vegetation Studio Pro;

2) Shaders:
- All shaders support vegetation studio instanced indirect out of the box;
- 3 grass shader :lite, standard, specular;
- 4 standard shaders with auto texture cover by mask or by top (terrain blend);
- 1 cross shaders as last tree LOD 
- bark and leaves shaders with metallic/specular variants; 

3) Ported wind shading from HD SRP:
- Advanced and cheap wind shading;
- Wind will be shared between our all assets;
- Wind works 1:1 like in HD SRP;
- Wind manage grass colors and normals;

4) Tools and Scripts:
- HD SRP ported wind to lower unity versions; 

5) Additional support files:
- Post process stack 2.0 profiles;
- GAIA stamp;
- R.A.M road profile;

Trees specification - low overdraw and smart shaders which are gpu friendly.

Trees contain optimised and HD versions: 

Optimised LOD’s average tris: 
Big Standalone :14200/6200/4000/2500/24(cross); 
Big Forest : 6000/2600/1600/1100/20(cross); 
Medium ;9200/6200/3500/2100/24(cross); 
Young :3200/1300/650/27(cross); 
Plant :900/450/2400/24(cross); 
HD LOD’s tris are pretty similar: 

All shaders use the same channels as unity standard shaders and support instantiating:
Metalic Shader: Albedo (RGB) // Metalic (R) Ambient Occlusion (G) Smothness (A) // Normal (RGB)
Specular Shader: Albedo (RGB) // Normal (RGB) // Specular (RGB) Smothness (A) // Ambient Occlusion (G)

We use and advise to use such configuration in your projct to save a lot of memory and gpu sources . Instead of spearated 5-6 textures you can use 3 combined textures ,with the same result in unity standard shader as well as in our system. This config also make this asset 100% compatibile with HD SRP. 

Textures are 2048x2048 up to 4096x4096 resolution but they look very good also at lower resolution. With packed and atlased structure they are very light for gpu and memory. 

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3 MrDamage
15:28, 02.02.2019

Не рабочая ссылка
4 SaNEк
18:39, 03.02.2019

Все работает
5 websbk
13:33, 16.02.2019

ссылка рабочая , но пока до нее доберешься тысячу реклам повсплывает)
2 SpartaKify
09:48, 29.01.2019

Пак, очень добротный, спасибо автору, за его распространение, посмотрю, оценю, если понравится, приобрету
1 MrDamage
11:05, 27.01.2019

Хороший пак)))
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